Demolition & Disposal

clearing the way to your success

PSC Group delivers demolition and disposal services that can accelerate your project! Systematic dismantling and removal of structures, managing and removing debris, salvaging materials for reuse, and adhering to environmental regulations for responsible waste management are examples of the benefits and expertise we provide.


We are a dynamic demolition, disposal, and construction company dedicated to delivering efficient and sustainable solutions. With a strong track record, we specialize in safe and precise demolition services, eco-friendly disposal and recycling practices, and innovative construction techniques. Our experienced team utilizes cutting-edge technology to ensure projects are completed on time and within budget, while prioritizing safety and environmental responsibility. Whether it’s demolition/dismantling of structures, managing waste, or recycling of materials, our commitment to excellence and client satisfaction remains our top priority.


PSC Group offers both Managed and Self-Service disposal services. Let us handle you construction site waste management needs or rent one of our dumpsters for your own waste project. We’ll deliver and remove the dumpster on your schedule!